Toyohari is a gentle style of Japanese Acupuncture, developed by blind acupuncturists within the tradition of Meridian Therapy. Their techniques emphasise very refined palpatory skills and very light needling. The characteristic features of Toyohari are non-inserted, or contact needling and the use of the pulse as a constant feedback for all phases of treatment. The diagnostic procedure in Toyohari focuses on meridian relationships, yin-yang and five-phase theory, as well as the usual four examinations, and special attention is paid to the flow of the vital energy [Ki/Qi] in the meridian network. Toyohari-style acupuncture promotes a healing energy which is drawn into the body and if necessary, disperses energy blockages on all levels. This system develops in the practitioner an outstanding Ki sensitivity, as this is required for accurate pulse and abdominal diagnosis, “live points” location and subtle non-insertive needling techniques.

Joanna is a registered Toyohari practitioner, and is dedicated to this style of acupuncture.

For more information please see: www.Toyohari.org and www.brisbanetoyohari.com.au