Thermal Infra Red Lymphatic Presso Massage

Cost: $100.00 single treatment. 10 or more prepaid $ 90.00 each

More then just a body wrap – a truly purifying pampering experience.

The whole body is enveloped in our specially formulated Appearance slimming cream. You are wrapped and kept warm. The air pressure suit is put on and the air supply pipes are connected for the pumping process. A Far Infra Red heat is added to the program.


Thermal IR Lymphatic Presso Massage is a specially recommended after the Lipo Laser or US Lipo Cavitation procedures. This speeds-up the lymphatic circulation and metabolism to facilitate the natural removal of glycerol and wastes. The Far Infra Red heat induces perspiration at a desired rate, eliminating toxins and resulting in relaxation and rejuvenation. After the wrap is removed you can feel, see and measure the difference.

To support weight reduction Joanna suggests auricular (ear) acupuncture by acu laser and post treatment acupoint stimulation, for controlling cravings and appetite. The first treatment, valued at $45, is complimentary with every prepaid course of 10 Thermal IR Lymphatic Presso Massage