Ionic Heavy Metal Testing

In our more and more polluted environment, we need to be sure that ionic metals do not accumulate in our body, and that we can chelate – electromagnetically neutralize these metals.  The Ionic Heavy Metal Test (IHMT) involve simple urine test  for the detection of ionic mercury, lead, zinc, copper, cadmium and other transition metals in our bodies. IHMT helps to evaluate and monitor the way in which the body copes with environmental, ionic, electromagnetically active metals. IHMT also allows testing your environment such as paint, dust, and water etc.

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The Ionic Heavy Metal Test (IHMT) is now available in the clinic. This simple, fast and inexpensive urine test visually proves to the patient how chelation works.

If I may be of assistance, I would be pleased to suggest the solution to chelate (make electrically neutral) your ionic heavy metals.

 I will also provide you with guidelines towards a healthy lifestyle, which will help alkalize your body.